A QP expert will provide you with a list of journals that are most likely to accept your manuscript. 

how we will help you

Our QP experts, from your area of expertise, will select 3 journals and provide you with a detailed report explaining why these journals are most likely to accept your manuscript submission. 

Our Journal report will include: 

  • Journal scope
  • Impact Factor
  • Types of articles the Journal publishes
  • The readership of the Journal 
  • Our reasoning why we think these journals are likely to accept your manuscript. 

Please provide us with your specific requirements 

  • Impact Factor. We will find a Journals closest to your impact factor specification
  • Specific field that you wish to publish in.
  • Which journals you are interested in publishing in and which journals you are not interested in.. 

Please note: we cannot peer review your manuscript to assess the quality of your manuscript. For this reason we cannot guarantee that the selected journals will accept your manuscript. 

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Journal Recommedation 


Includes 3 Journal recommendations with an in-depth explaination why these journals best suit your manuscript. Returned in 3 days.  


100% QP Guarantee


We guarantee that your manuscript will be edited and rectified according to the standards accepted by international journals.

Our QP editors are highly skilled and trained to ensure that the structure and language of your manuscript are corrected to a high level.

If, in the unlikely event, your manuscript is rejected by the journal based on language, we will re-edit your paper for FREE, or fully refund your payment.

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