About QP Ethics

QP is commited to upholding profesional ethical standards to the way we operate our business and the way we serve our clients. QP does not engage in anything that is deemed unethical by the scientific community involved in the process of publication of a clients manuscript.


Client Manuscript Confidentiality 

QP is commited to guaranteeing the confidentiality and the security of our clients material. We ensure that nobody besides the editors involved with your manuscript will have acess to your work. 

QP Editing and Translation

We offer an unparalleled edit/translation of your manuscript, however there are some aspects of language that we do not interfere with: a) we do not alter the content of the manuscript; b) we cannot review the quality of your work; or c) interpret data or draw conclusions based on your results. In addition, we cannot re-write parts of your manuscript that has been flagged by plagiarism softwares as this is considered unethical. We cannot submit papers to a journal on your behalf, and our editors cannot be listed as co-authors on your manuscript.  

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