QP Editors are highly trained to make sure that your manuscripts have the highest chances of succesfully getting published!

How can we help you?


Manuscript Editing

Have your manuscript fully corrected for linguistic and structural errors accourding to the standard of your selected journal.

Translation services

Find it difficult to write an english manuscirpt? We can help you! Our professional translators can fully translate your manuscript to english.


Re-writing service

Re-writing the content of your manuscript can be very challenging for many. But dont worry, we can help you with that.


Manuscript Formating

We will make sure that your manucsript is fully prepared accourding to your journals guidlines.

Journal Selection

We will provide you with a list of journals that are appropriate for your type of research and that have the highest chance of succesfully publishing your work.

Writing Coaching

Do you or your collegues need personalized help on how to improve your scientific writing? We have the perfect mentors for you!

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